The Story of Long Short-term Memory (RNN)

If the Sequence is matter, then LSTM is good for your Machine Learning Layer.

The Purpose of Recurrent neural network (RNN)

When we want to Predict sequential series of data. For examples sentences, cryptocurrency or stock. We can train the datasets using RNN.


And then the layer that used to RNN training usually we use LSTM.

What is LSTM

We take a look at Sequential Series of data. Because it’s a Sequential so the Sequence of the series data is very important. And each of the series of data influence each other data.

Fibonacci Sequence Numbers

But Why LSTM for RNN?

Speeed up LSTM with using CuDNNLSTM

Tensorflow provides CuDNNLSTM. If you use GPU for your training process, it’s better using CuDNNLSTMthan using LSTM. Using CuDNNLSTM instead, will speed up the training process, also the predict and evaluate process.

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