Simple Running A Complicated Python Script

Let’s say you got a complicated script that need some libraries to make it Run well

import tensorflow as tf
import cv2.cv2 as cv
import pathlib
# Load TFLite model and allocate tensors.
interpreter = tf.lite.Interpreter(model_path="model.tflite")
# Get input and output tensors.
input_details = interpreter.get_input_details()
output_details = interpreter.get_output_details()
# input details
# output details
for file in pathlib.Path("folder").iterdir():

# read and resize the image
img = cv.imread(r"{}".format(file.resolve()))
new_img = cv.resize(img, (224, 224))

interpreter.set_tensor(input_details[0]['index'], [new_img])
output_data = interpreter.get_tensor(output_details[0]['index'])
if (output_data[0][0] > 200):
print("file {} -> indosiar_ads".format(file.stem))
elif (output_data[0][1] > 200):
print("file {} -> indosiar".format(file.stem))
elif (output_data[0][2] > 200):
print("file {} -> sctv".format(file.stem))
elif (output_data[0][3] > 200):
print("file {} -> sctv_ads".format(file.stem))
print("file {} -> unknown".format(file.stem))

install python3

sudo apt-get install python3

install pip

sudo apt install python3-pip

Don’t forget to update

pip install --upgrade pip

noted : if you just want to experiment the script, better you use virtual environment or jupyter notebook

install the required dependencies

pip3 install tensorflow
pip3 install pathlib
pip3 install opencv-python

Running the script





Still believe, can change the world with code..

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ade sueb

ade sueb

Still believe, can change the world with code..

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